Taiwan Taipei Mission

Taiwan Taipei Mission

Monday, November 17, 2014

Good News!

This week has been great! I love the MTC. My time here has gone by so fast! Sometimes it feels like I got here yesterday! GOOD NEWS!! So the Sisters that left two times ago, GOT THEIR VISAS! They are all leaving for Taipei on the 2nd of December! SO, we are next on the list to get into Taipei! We are all so excited! If we do get reassignments, we will find out on Tuesday or Thursday of this week and then find out where we are going the following week. We all had a little freak out when we got emails from the Sisters. We are so excited for them.
Bryan: AAWW I am so glad you know about the Creme Soda tree! Haha Sister Lindsay and I go smell it all the time. We didn't show the new missionaries it yet, but we will tonight! It seems like you had a great week! Tons of lessons! I am glad that everything is going well and speaking the language is getting better! I know the Lord is truly blessing you.
Family: It has been SO cold in Idaho. I can't believe they didn't cancel school for you! It looks like you have some snow too! That's fun. The mountains down here are gorgeous with all the snow on the peaks. 
Here is my week: 
It's been great! I love it here. I have learned so much and have grown so much! I can't wait to get out to the field. 
On Tuesday night, Bishop Dean M. Davies and his wife came to speak to us. He is the 2nd counselor in the Presiding Bishopric. They changed the closing song to "As I Have Loved You". They sang the first verse as a duet and it was so cute! All the missionaries were in awe. They brought so much Spirit with them. 
Wednesday morning, Sis. Lindsay and I got to skip gym to prepare for the new Sisters coming in. We were able to go to Hot breakfast! Because we have gym first in the morning, we go to what is called a sack breakfast line at 6:30 AM. and then eat breakfast in our Residence Hall. During hot breakfast, I saw Elder and Sister Anderson eating so we got to say our final goodbyes. They left Wednesday for Mexico City. I sure do miss seeing them everyday and being able to talk to them but I know they are doing great things in Mexico City. Wednesday night, the Zone Leaders, Sister Lindsay, and I were able to do New Missionary Orientation with the New District. They are all so cute! All the 4 Sisters are going to Taipei, Taiwan and the Elders are going to Canada (2), Australia (2), and 1 to New York. There was suppose to be another Elder from the Philippines come with this district but his visa never came so his report date has been pushed back. I love the Sisters that came in. One of them, Sister Gabbitas out of no where was like, "Oh my goodness!! You are Sister Haacke! Brynn Clarke told me to find you!" (Brynn was in my apartment my first semester at BYU-I). Sis. Gabbitas and Brynn taught English in China together. 
Thursday we also heard we were getting 3 new Sisters this coming week. 2 from Mainland China and 1 from Taiwan all going to Australia. We were so excited for them to come. Sadly, yesterday during branch council we were told that their report dates got pushed back. 
Thursday was the first day that snow stuck to the ground here at the MTC. it was so fun to watch all the missionaries who have never seen snow before. I just had to laugh and be like, 'this is nothing.' I hope some of them are going to Idaho--then they will really know what snow is. 
Saturday, we learned our last grammar principle from our grammar book! So, we graduated! Well, that's what Bro. Chia kept saying. I definitely don't have all the grammar principles down but they are slowing coming. 
Kind of a funny story, Saturday during lunch, I was sitting next to Elder Diepeveen. (He is 6'6" and has like awesome posture). Anyways, we were talking about how all of our eyes are like bloodshot. And out of no where, Elder Diepeveen just said, "Mine are always like this. I'm on a thinner oxygen level than you." It took Sis. Lindsay and I forever to get it. And then we started laughing so hard. (it's because he is so tall). Elder Diepeveen is a huge example to me. He is so obedient and everyday striving so hard to come unto Christ. But, his funny side finally opened up! 
Saturday night Sister Lindsay also scared me SO bad. I walked into our room from getting ready for bed and Sister Lindsay wasn't in there. So I just figured she was showering or something. Sis. Allen was using Sis Lindsay's scissors and was cutting some cardboard. she asked me if I knew where Sis. Lindsay's scissors went and I was like, "Yeah, they go in her carry-on underneath our bed. She asked me to put them away for her. As I went to pull out her carry-on and all of a sudden this head pops out and yells at me. I screamed SO loud. They all started laughing so hard. It reminded me of the time when we were at girls camp, and mom, you were up there with us and you walked back from brushing your teeth or something and Ashlee Steele scared you so bad you like fell on the ground. (Do you remember that?)  Do you also remember Lindsay Pearce? (I'll attach a picture) On Sunday, I was walking up the bleachers from the New Sister Dress and Grooming Meeting (Sister Training Leaders get to go if they have new Sisters going from their Zone). Lindsay Pearce comes running out of the media room and said, "SAM!!" It was so good to see her! I haven't seen her forever! She is such a sweetheart. I guess she has been working at the MTC for the last 4 months. We were surprised we hadn't seen each other till then. 
This week has also been full of Spiritual Experiences. 
Sister Lindsay and I had a pretty stressful week with interviewing Sisters and realizing that we only have 2 more weeks left at the MTC. Friday I got a Priesthood Blessing. Sister Lindsay and the three Elders in our district went into a separate room. We all said our individual prayers before I got a blessing. Elder Smith said the prayer and  it was so simple but so profound. I was so comforted. There are not words to explain the feelings we all felt. When the prayer was over, I looked up and Sister Lindsay was just crying. (She never cries. She holds it in SO well). She stood up and just said, 'Thank you so much for being worth priesthood holders. The Spirit was so strong during that blessing. It was like you were all glowing.' One of the Elders said, 'You looked at us?' Sis. Lindsay said, "yes I had to peak! It seriously looked like you were all angels. You were all glowing." It was one of the coolest experiences that we I have had while being here. I absolutely love my District. They are all amazing. We found out this week that Sis. Moe is going to be leaving a week early, on November 25, and it makes us all really sad. We have come so close but know that we will all meet up again after our missions.
Sunday night's devotional was also amazing. We sang Sis. Nally's arrangement of Called to Serve again for prelude and it was amazing. The power that 1600 missionaries have when we all sing is phenomenal. Brother Richard I. Heaton, the Administrative Director here at the Provo MTC spoke. He talked about the power of the scriptures and how important it his to create a firm anchor in Christ. His cute son, Russell, got to walk around and choose missionaries to read assigned scriptures. Russell has down syndrome and was the cutest little boy! When he went up to get the microphone from his dad, they were wearing matching ties. Brother Heaton turned to him and said, "Russell, did you get this tie for me for Christmas?" and Russell said, "No dad! I got it for you for Father's Day!" Brother Heaton said, "Oh that's right, it sure felt like Christmas!" He just smiled all big! It was the cutest thing ever! 
Last night at devotional, there was a special musical number from an Elder and a Sister going to the Philippines. The Elder sang and the Sister played the piano. It was an arrangement of A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief and I Know my Redeemer Lives. It was their own arrangement that they did together while they have been here at the MTC. It was so powerful. The speaker had them come up before he started talking and bear their testimonies about Christ. It was so neat.

Thank you all so much for writing to be and keeping me updated on everything! Dad, thanks for the quote and message you shared at the end of the family letter. It strengthened me! love you all and I miss you all like crazy! It seems like you are doing amazing!! I hope it warms up for you a little bit at least! 


Sister Haacke

 Lindsay Pearce and I.

 Some of the Sisters from my Zone at the temple yesterday.

Elder Butler's birthday is this coming week so we 'had a party for him.' Took a picture, and then sent all of the party supplies to him in a box with some gifts. :)

Sis. Moe told me to smile big. So I did. :)

 Some of our Zone yesterday at the Temple.

Sister Training Leaders and the Zone Leaders.  Sister Lindsay and I, Elder Liston and Elder Matua. (All of us are going to Taipei.)

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