Taiwan Taipei Mission

Taiwan Taipei Mission

Monday, August 31, 2015

Many Miracles

Can I just start by saying this week was absolutely incredible!!
Requests from the family email: My companion, Sister Wright is from Las Vegas, Nevada. But also grew up in Florida. Her dad was a costume designer for Disney there in Florida. She did a year of school at BYU before serving and has been in Taiwan for about 11 months. She is incredible. We are so similar and have had so many similar experiences in our lives. We laugh so much..and I can say, I have never become best friends with someone so fast. We work so well together too.
So, for the week. It was insane. Sister Wright (任姐妹) was sick so all of Wednesday afternoon, we spent at the hospital waiting to see the doctor, and then Thursday from 4 PM to the rest of the evening, we were inside and she was sleeping. BUT, we had miracles after miracles occur when we were able to go out and proselyte.

Some highlights of the week:
1. We were finding on Friday and we were walking back to our bikes to go to a new area when Sister Wright and I saw these two girls. There was a fork in the road and they started walking on the opposite one we were on.  At the same time, Sister Wright and I both picked up our pace and caught up to them and started talking to them. In the end, right there on the street, we went away with two new investigators with baptismal dates! They are sisters and the younger of them has a friend who is in our branch! So, we already have fellowship! The younger of the sisters who is the friend to the girl in our ward was taught by the member how to pray and she has such amazing prayers! I can't wait to begin sharing with them.
2. Another huge miracle we saw this week was on Sunday. Sunday we got 5 NEW baptismal dates!! We were finding and we started sharing the gospel with 4 siblings. They were all sitting in the front room watching TV when we asked them if we could share with them. The 13 year old boy invited us in and we sat and prayed, watched the video Because He Lives and shared the Book of Mormon with them. They we all really attentive and I honestly think it was because of the Spirit that was invited in with us sharing Because of Him. We also set baptismal dates with them for September 26th. It is only in three weeks but when the 13 year old boy said the closing prayer, in his prayer, he prayed that he could have time to prepare and make his baptismal date for September 26th! He and his older sister both go to school in Hualian but they said taking the lessons in YuLi would be more convenient. It will be a little challenging because they only will be home some weekends but I know Heavenly Father will provide a way for these children to be prepared for baptism. The 13 year old seemed really interested and as we were leaving he was going through the Because He Lives website.
3. Sunday night, we went and visited a newer investigator, 王低胸。 (the tennis player). We reviewed and explained in more detail the Restoration and despite all the noise going on around us, the Spirit was so strong. He understood and was so willing to be baptized. We set a goal of October 3rd with him. I think our main concerns with him is going to be work on Sunday and coming to church but, anything is possible to overcome!! In his closing prayer and last remarks were so priceless. He explained to us how he didn't only just believe the things we were teaching him but he FELT that they were true. In his closing prayer, he thanked Heavenly Father for giving him the opportunity to meet us and be able to come to know His will for him. What a neat man!
4. On Saturday when we were finding, I was leading us to an area and felt we need to stop at this xiang (like small road). And it was literally miracle xiang. We saw so many miracles down that road but they neatest one was the last door we knocked on. We weren't going to knock on it because we had a lesson with a member who lives in on of the mental the hospitals to get to but we both felt super strongly to knock on this door. A lady asked if we were Jehovah Witnesses and after we told her no, she asked us to come into her home. She, 張姐妹, can't walk so, we sat around her, prayed, sang for her, and shared the Book of Mormon. She invited us to come back next Saturday and share more with her! Her husband passed away last year and her kids are all grown. She is Christian and started going to church about 6 months ago after her husband died.

The miracles were just flowing in from everywhere. These are just a few stories from the many prepared we found this week. It was an insane week. I know Heavenly Father is really blessing us. Through all of our hard work, we are seeing miracles so so much.

This week, 朱姐妹 also had her interview. Sadly, she did not pass but she is not giving up hope. The main issue she is still working through is the Word of Wisdom. She had her interview on Saturday and still came to church on Sunday and enjoyed it a lot. We are not giving up hope. We know she still has the desire to work through these addictions and hopefully sooner than later give up beer and bettle nut and be baptized!! Please pray for her, Zhu JieMei!

Overall, this week was amazing. I am learning so much everyday. My testimony grows stronger and stronger each day. One neat thing I learned in personal study this week was in Alma 27:8. This is when Ammon tells the king that they need to leave their land or else the Nephites will destroy them, the Anti-Nephi-Lehi'. The king didn't want to leave, but in verse 8 his response is:
"And the king said unto him [Ammon]: Yea, if the Lord saith unto us go, we will go down unto our brethren, and we will be their slaves until we repair unto them the many murders and sins which we have committed against them."
Ammon prayed and got the answer they needed to leave. The king obeyed..
When the Lord commands/invites us to do something, it is so important to listen. Listen to the prompts of the Holy Ghost. I know it will lead you in all that you do.
I LOVE you all!! Have a great week!!!
Sister Haacke
And, August was Ghost Month here in Taiwan so this last Friday EVERYONE was worshiping their ancestors. There was so much smoke in the air. And there were tables of food being sacrificed outside pretty much everyone's house...pretty crazy.

OH...P.S. Grandma and Grandpa H. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I love you! Thanks so much for supporting me, praying for me, and being great examples! 

So, this girl is one of our investigators daughters. She's obsessed with my hair and asked if she could play with it. So, I let her do my hair for a little bit..Yes, I did get watermelon juice all in it but that okay! :) She is such a cutie. 


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