Taiwan Taipei Mission

Taiwan Taipei Mission

Monday, May 11, 2015

Team Jesus

My dear family! 
It was absolutely AMAZING being able to talk to you this morning on Skype for Mother's Day! I am glad you are all doing good and staying busy at home! 

Bryan, I hope you are safe and your area didn't get hit too hard by the Typhoon...Hopefully you and the rest of the missionaries in your mission are able to Skype home when you receive internet again! 

Since I just talked to you all this morning, I'll just share some quick miracles!

This week was a great week!!! We were able to find 5 new people to begin teaching the gospel to. We believe some of them do not live in our area but team Jesus! I am so grateful for the experiences I have on a daily basis and the miracles I see everyday. 

Friday afternoon, we were qiaomen down a small road and we went and sat down with an older man. We were beginning to teach him how to pray when a lady came over to us and sat next to us and told us she was a Christian. Five minutes later there was another man that walked over and joined in our conversation. In all, we were able to share the Book of Mormon and how to pray with four people just on the street! As we were sitting there teaching, I was reminded of the time when Christ was on the earth and how people would gather to hear Him teach. We, as missionaries, representatives of Christ, are doing the exact same things He did-the only difference is that He was a perfect teacher.

Another neat experience was this week at church. We only had two investigators at Sacrament Meeting but as soon as sacrament meeting was over, a former investigator called us and said he was at the church. We had never met him before but he came and finished church with us and we were able to teach him the first lesson after church and he accepted a baptismal date! Also, about half way through Sunday School, a Young Women came into Gospel Principles and said there was a lady (Liu JieMei) outside that wanted us. We went out to meet her and she was a potential investigator from two transfers ago! She also stayed for the rest of church. We were also able to teach her the first lesson after church and she also accepted a baptismal date! Both of their dates are for June 13! It was really neat because when we were meeting with Liu JieMei, she kept saying how Heavenly Father led her to meet the missionaries and led her to attend church today. When we invited her to baptism, she said of course! If I know these things are true, of course I want to be baptized!!! It was a great ending to a great week! 

Our most progressing investigator, Lai Ming Jin, is still doing really well. This last week we were able to teach him the Plan of Salvation. He thinks its really cool we will all be resurrected. Everyone here thinks that is the coolest part of the Plan of Salvation. He now has a baptismal date. The hardest thing with him now is that he has a couple of Christian Friends and they are telling him false stuff about our church that is making him really confused. We told him he needs to pray for himself and just believe the things he thinks are true. But, he's been at church for the last three weeks! 
We were also finally able to meet with Liang Man Ting again! She is super cute and so prepared! Our only worry is her parents not allowing her to be baptized. He parents don't mind that she comes to church--so hopefully that is a good sign! 

I know Heavenly Father really listens to and answers our prayers. He has helped me so much in not only learning the language of Chinese but also getting out of my personal bubble and talking with all those I come in contact with-even when its' super awkward! I love my Heavenly Father. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. I love Taiwan. I LOVE TouFen! 

Sister Haacke

 Another picture when we were knocking doors.
 Zone meeting this week.
Sister Fisher and I while we were qiaomen.

 A huge cow in the back of a truck.
 Sister Fisher and I with one of our branch members-Cheh Pin Jun-She was our member present for Lai Ming Jin.

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