Taiwan Taipei Mission

Taiwan Taipei Mission

Monday, May 18, 2015

Strengthen Your Faith

Family and Friends!!!

This week has been great! Has gone by really fast!!! 

Here's some highlights and a quick rundown of my week:

Monday: Last Monday, we went to our Mission Leaders' home with the Elders and we made huge bubbles! (See pictures) We had a great time together! 

Tuesday: Had a great District Meeting on the Spirit and using the Spirit in every aspect of missionary work. We were able to meet with Yellisha right after District Meeting and review the 10 commandments with her. She recently just got a job to save money for college and she is required to now work on Sundays so we are going to have to work through that with her. :/ We met with Lai Ming Jin and Chen DiXiong Tuesday night at Yang Jiating. They are both progressing so well. Lai Ming Jin is so smart and has totally developed a love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ it is so neat to see the changes he is making in his life. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ tonight. Every Tuesday night we also go to the Night Market and hand out English Class tracts and invite people to English Class. 

Wednesday:Wednesday morning, it was really neat because Lai Ming Jin called us just to tell us thank you and how grateful he is to be learning about the church. He has these other Christian friends who are trying to convince them that their church is the true church and he always tells them they don't know what they are talking about and if they just read the book of Mormon they would know..haha..it's so awesome! Wednesday during the afternoon, the Elders asked us to peike with their new investigator. As we were waiting for her, Lu Pei Ling walked by and we ran over to talk to her! It was the hugest miracle because we don't really know if she still has interest or a desire to continue learning. We had a lesson with her and talked to her about baptism. She told us her concerns--her mom doesn't like that she was following the word of Wisdom because her mom and her go out and get tea or coffee together...we were able to share with her if she has the desire and tries her best, her mom will come to an understanding. She still wants to meet and learn so hopefully we can help her create the desire to follow Jesus Christ. Wednesday night we had English Class which was fun as always..

Thursday: We met with Xu DiXiong, had WPS, MM Meeting (with our mission leader) and met with Lai Ming Jin and Chen DiXiong again. That night we taught the 10 commandments, Sabbath Day, and Chastity. I was really worried because the first time we met with Lai Ming Jin, he told us he worships his ancestors every morning and night and that if he stopped worshiping them, it would be really bad. I was praying so hard he would understand and Heavenly Father would help him understand why it is no important to baibai his ancestors. As soon as he read the first two commandments in Mosiah 12, he looked up and said that he has stopped baibai his ancestors! It was honestly the coolest miracle ever. We had planned this huge lesson and scriptures to explain how we help our ancestors by doing work in the temple and how they are waiting in the Spirit world for the gospel and are learning just like he is right now but we didn't even have to get that far! I truly know Heavenly Father is well aware of everyone--Especially Lai Ming Jin as he continues to progress towards baptism. 

Friday: We did service at Zhang JieMei recycling center. We were able to break VCR and DVD players and separate all the pieces. Friday as we were waiting at the RT Mart for some members we were going to eat dinner with, we decided to contact some people. We were able to talk to this man, Chen DX and his wife, Hong JM and teach Chen DX how to pray and who God and Jesus Christ are. It was so neat! We extended a baptismal invitation on the street and he accepted for the 20th of June. President Day has invited us to be more bold on the street and in contacting and as we have been applying his invitation into our missionary work, we are really seeing miracles take place. It is so cool! 

Saturday: Had a great lesson with Gan JieMei.  We talked about temples. She still has many questions and seems content with the church she is currently going to though.  We then went and did some contacting in the park and headed over to the train station to head to ZhuBei for stake conference. 

Sunday: Sunday morning we had stake conference again in ZhuBei. Saturday night, we stayed with the Sister in XinZhu so we wouldn't have to come all the way back to Toufen and then back the next day. Stake Conference was really good. It was based off of the topics of eternal families and the importance of missionary work. Like dad said, the signs of the times are truly being fulfilled. Now is the time we really need to be spreading the gospel to all the nations, kindred, tongues, and people. 
BEST PART OF THE WEEK: FAN ZHU SONG GOT BAPTIZED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! (He is the one that Sister Fisher and I taught almost all the lessons to and then we found out he doesn't have two houses and only lives in Zhunan so we had to give him to the ZhuNan missionaries) SO, earlier this week, the Zhunan Elders called us and told us Fan Zhu Song was getting baptized Sunday afternoon and we had permission to attend. So, we were able to attend and see him get baptized!!! It was the best moment ever. Being able to watch him get baptized and make a covenant with God was such a special experience. The happiness that was in the room was unreal. Fan Zhu Song is going to be such an amazing member! 

Overall, this week was great. It went by really fast. This coming week is the last week of the transfer. It is crazy how fast time flies. This week during studies I continued to learn more about faith Faith doesn't come by signs but signs come by faith. I invite you all to more firmly strengthen your faith in the Savior-whether that be more sincere studies, prayers, etc. 

I love you all!! 
Sister Haacke
 It was Sister Fisher's birthday this last week! She turned 20! We celebrated with some ward members!!!
 Me and who we call KingKong. Yes, he is HUGE!
 Huang JM, Sister Fisher and I at Fan Zhu Song's baptism. Huang JieMei is such an awesome member. She is a member present for us in a lot of our lessons and is such a great friend!

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