Taiwan Taipei Mission

Taiwan Taipei Mission

Monday, February 1, 2016

I'm a Mission Mom

SURRRRRRRRRPISE!!!!!!!!!!!! I am now in a place called SanChong (三重). Yes, I am still in shock. Last Monday night as Sister Cardon and I were getting in bed to write in our journals, we got a phone call. Sister Cardon answered it and it was Elder Huntsman, one of the Assistants to the President. He asked to talk to me and I knew exactly what was happening. He thought he was being all smooth and all and following up about some training and all. Then towards the end, he started talking about what President thinks about me and how he has called me to TRAIN a NEW missionary. Then he said, "And because of that, you will be leaving your area because your area is a Sister Training Leaders and WHITEWASHING into a new area." Yep, the tears began to flow, my heart dropped to my stomach and I accepted the call. I got off the phone and just sat there. I couldn't believe it. I was not expecting the call at all. I had only been serving in NanKan for one transfer and I guess my time there came to a close.

My last few days in NanKan: I LOVE NanKan with all my heart. The people and the ward here has literally become my family. I have learned so much and created relationships that will last a life time. 
Tuesday: We had the Worldwide Missionary Training Broadcast where the leaders of the church just basically gave us some more training on the new "Teaching Repentance and Baptizing Converts." We had district meeting and that is where I broke the news to my district I would be moving. It was one of the most Spiritual District Meetings I have had on my mission though. We talked a lot about listening to the Spirit and discerning the needs of our investigators. Tuesday afternoon, we exchanged with the Tao2 Sisters. I served with Sister Denison. She is such an amazing missionary! We had so much fun together. We spent the night finding on the street and we had a lesson with Zhang Jing Ping. In Zhang DiXiong's lesson, he told us how he felt the Spirit this week!!!!!! THIS IS HUGE! Tears came to my eyes. It made me so happy how much this man has progressed. I know Heavenly Father is aware of him and loves him. NanKan has really taught me how to love. 
Wednesday: With the change of transfer meetings, I got a iBon number this morning where we went to a 7 and printed out where I would be going and Sister Cardon's new companion. Here is when I found out: I would be going to SanChong. Exchanged back after studies and Sister Cardon and I went to lunch at Han JiaTing. Lily and her mom prepared food for us and we spent some good fun time with them during lunch. We also taught Han DX about the Priesthood and how he is going to be able to receive the Priesthood after he is baptized. Han DX was so excited to share with us that he wrote out his testimony/talk to share at his baptism. He asked if he could share it with us. As he read it out loud, the Spirit was so strong. It was so neat. I am so grateful he asked to share it with us because I knew I wouldn't be able to make it to his baptism. At the end of his lesson, I told him I got the call on Monday night and I would be moving. I have never cried saying goodbye to someone in an area but at their home, tears streamed down my face. I have become so close to this family. I love them with all my heart. Han DX had me write down my name and everything and he told me he would remember me forever! haha. That gave me some comfort. :) Wednesday, we also went and said goodbye to Andy, Luan JiaTing, and others. 

Thursday: We are also now traveling alone during transfers SO I got to travel on a bus by my self with all my luggage (except for one which a moving company brought straight to SanChong) to Taipei and had trainer meetings starting at 9. It was so weird being on the bus and then the MRT alone. But, I safely got there :) Training meetings were good...and then I got my BABY!! 
Sister Wong: We have the same Chinese name (黃姐妹). Her parents are from Hong Kong but she was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She is 21 years old and has already attended 3 years of college at BYU. She doesn't speak any Cantonese or anything but worked super hard in the MTC and her Chinese is good already! She has two older siblings-a sister and a brother- and I love her! We already get along great. 

Thursday afternoon we got to our area, and as excited as I was, we opened up our area Book to see what investigators we have to work with and there were none. The last time the area book was updated was last October/November-ish. My heart was crushed and I literally had a little freak out..in my head of course..because I didn't want to scare Sister Wong. :) Yup, so I had absolutely no idea what to do. I prayed so hard in my heart and then came to the conclusion that everything is going to be able to work out and we are going to hit the streets HARD and find everyone who is willing to talk to us.

Friday and Saturday: I don't think I have ever worked so hard on the streets. Sister Wong is also catching on so fast and not afraid to do anything. (Which is great!) I don't think I have ever talked to so many people in my life in one day. BUT, the miracles are coming in left and right.. We met some amazing people that we are hoping to be able to meet with again this week or next week. With Chinese new year coming up, everyone is super busy working and getting ready for that. There is a lot of people working overtime and something they also do for 過年 is to deep clean their houses. I am excited to see what is going to happen with the people we have come in contact with. 
Saturday,we also went up to Taipei City and spent a few hours doing service setting up a huge meal Taiwan is doing for the homeless. We set up chairs and tables for hours..
3 small miracles from finding: 
朱弟兄:We met Zhu DiXiong on Friday and he was basically a self contact. He came up to us and asked us what we were handing out. We prayed with him because he said he needs more peace in his life and he totally felt the Spirit! He wants to learn more about how Jesus Christ can improve and change his life! 
桌姐妹:We met and had a lesson right in front of a huge Buddhist Temple. Not the best place but hey, Zhuo JieMei is so prepared to hear the gospel. She doesn't know much about Christ or anything but has a huge desire to learn
張姐妹:As we were going to a members home to have a little family home evening Sunday night, I saw a lady sitting down and it had looked like she had been crying. We went over and talked to her and the first thing she asked is why we were talking to her. I told her we were missionaries and we preach about Jesus Christ and how He can bless our lives. She told me that we was Atheist. And then the tears started flowing. She told me that she had had a really bad day and that she sat down randomly in front of this MRT station and just needed to take some time to cry. Well, we prayed with her and invited her to baptism. She didn't accept baptism but she wants to learn more. She can't meet until after Chinese New Year because she is going home, but we set up an appointment for Feb 15 and I literally will be counting down the days till we can meet with her. She said the closing prayer to our short contact and as soon as she said, Our dear Heavenly Father, she started crying and then thanked Him she was able to meet us and then closed. What a precious prayer. I told her that even though we just barely met that we love her and we gave her a big hug. She thanked us so much and promised us she would start reading the Book of Mormon! 

I am excited to see what is going to happen in this area! I know Heavenly Father sent me here to SanChong for a reason. Even though it was so hard for me to leave NanKan--especially right before Han DX baptism. But, I know Heavenly Father puts His missionaries where he needs them and I need to be in SanChong. 

I love you all so much!! The Snow looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Lachlan and Alexa, you are both growing up WAY to fast! Marissa, I'll be praying for you to get better quick! 

Sister Haacke 

 ME sticking my head out of our window in NanKan.
Saying goodbye to Amy.
 Just joking this is us saying goodbye to Amy.
 Han JiaTing
 Andy and our investigator Han TongXue.
Luan Jiating

 TaoYuan Stake Center
 Jeff and I 

 Han DX and us again.

 Service on Saturday--reminded me of when we did helping hands with the vests. :)
We had dinner last night with our bishop. His family is already gone for Chinese new year.
 The Elders in our ward and a member.

 MY BABY! Sister Wong 
 Pictures Han DiXiong's daughter sent me from his baptism:

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